TEMIA, the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association, was founded in 2006 by the largest Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution providers. Today, TEMIA members manage more than $31 billion of wireless, voice, and data telecom spend.

TEMIA's mission is to raise awareness and knowledge of the values and benefits of TEM, WEM, and MDM solutions, to improve the quality and value of these solutions through the development and promotion of open industry standards, and industry knowledge among Solutions Providers, business partners, telecom service providers, and enterprise clients.

With more than 37 members, TEMIA is a not-for-profit organization guided by service and industry solution providers. TEMIA members have a wide range of interests, which are reflected by our committees. Learn more about the committees here. In addition, the International Affairs committee is working to drive benefits for members with operations outside of North America.

From grassroots advocacy of TEM and WEM, to open industry standards, an Ethics Code, and our wide ranging programs, TEMIA is unique. Our interests align with TEM solution providers. We do not compete with TEM solution providers or offer TEM. WEM or MDM solutions. We work to ensure that  solution providers are represented fairly and that enterprises understand the benefits of TEM.

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